D.O.TEC® EXBOX.UMA is a 32 channel USB audio device with four ADAT ports and an optical MADI port.

A robust and handy unit, the EXBOX.UMA is a perfect companion for both studio operation and mobile recording applications.

D.O.TEC® EXBOX.UMA enables a straight-forward connection between ADAT, MADI and your favourite recording software.

EXBOX.UMA comes with ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows® and supports Core Audio under OS X®.

An integrated mixer with eight stereo busses offers the possibilty to create latency-free monitor mixes from all input sources (128 physical inputs). Each mixing bus may be routed to a physical output and can be used as input source for another mixing bus.

Routing Matrix
All physical inputs/outputs (ADAT, MADI, USB) and mixing busses are organized by an integrated 144 x 128 routing matrix.  The USB line transmits up to 32 audio channels in both directions for simulteanous recording and playback with/from your recording system.

Level Metering
A software level meter bridge is available to monitor all inputs and mixing busses.

Remote operation
An application - EXBOX.UMA Remote - controls the device via USB or the MADI line. 

Stand-alone operation
The routing is stored inside the device, allowing for stand-alone format conversion between ADAT and MADI.

Safe operation
Two solid Hirose sockets allow to safely operate the device with redundant external power supplies or battery packs.

D.O.TEC® EXBOX.UMA - a perfect frontend for mobile recording systems.

Application example:

Mobile Recording - Up to 32 channels of an incoming MADI stream can be recorded on a laptop via USB. An external recorder is fed by the ADAT outputs recording the same signal as a backup machine. 

MADI port (I/O):   1 x SC-Socket multi-mode *
ADAT ports (I/O):      8 x TOSLINK (S/MUX), Alesis specification **
MADI formats: 48k Frame, 96k Frame,
56/64 channel, S/MUX
Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
USB Port (I/O): 32 audio channels (@1 FS)
and remote control
USB 2.0 
USB audio driver
Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 bit / 64 bit) - ASIO & WDM
OS X® (10.4.11 to 10.9.1) - Core Audio
MIDI: virtual via USB
Power supply:             external, 2 x Hirose (9-24 V)
Dimensions:  Width 140 mm
Height 42 mm
Depth 146 mm

* device variant on request:

  • MADI port: SC-socket single-mode

** Support of S/PDIF and AES3 requires factory update and needs to be specified at order.

ADAT optical is a trademark of Alesis Corporation.
OS X® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 

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