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A full HD OB vehicle - “probably the largest Outside Broadcast trailer ever built.”

CTV, part of the Euro Media Group, is now one of the largest and most well-respected independent OB companies in Europe. Based in High Wycombe in the UK, CTV has just taken delivery of what has been described by specialist UK coachbuilders, A. Smith Gt. Bentley Ltd. (ASGB) as “probably the largest Outside Broadcast trailer ever built.” The expandable 84m2 full HD OB vehicle was manufactured by ASGB in collaboration with ProjectBuilders, a division of Belgian broadcast and production company VIDEOHOUSE. The truck comes complete with a significant complement of DirectOut equipment including 25 KYRA MADI monitoring and line checking devices which were specially designed for CTV.

According to CTV’s Paul Francis, DirectOut are CTV’s first port of call for all their MADI broadcast solutions, and so when it came to specifying equipment for their new vehicle, CTV got in touch. “DirectOut actually ended up designing a new product based on our requirements which has since been publically released,” recalled Francis. At CTV’s request, DirectOut added a headphone output on the front panel, incorporated PFT technology (Power Fail Through ensuring that signal transmission via the BNC MADI port is maintained in case of power loss), enabled channel selection on the front panel to be locked as a precaution against accidental changes, and reduced the unit depth from 25cm to 20cm. “We particularly appreciated the opportunity to be involved in the later design stages of the KYRA MADI monitor as it ensured that we received the equipment most appropriate to our project.” 

In addition to the 25 KYRA units DirectOut also supplied two M.1k2 MADI routing systems along with some extra I/O modules and an ANDIAMO AD/DA converter.

“DirectOut equipment forms the primary monitoring and routing system in this OB truck,” stated Francis. “Signals between the audio desk, VTR/DDR, stage boxes and monitoring are all routed using DirectOut M.1k2 routing systems. As for the KYRA devices, they have made the operator and client monitoring much simpler and more flexible. By using the technique of constructing and routing MADI streams in this way we have reduced audio installation cable in this truck by over 80%, which is a huge achievement.”