Optional Permissions

My Account → Permissions

Mode of Operation

Every user can be allowed to dynamically add permission classes on top of his/her default permission class. This can be a useful feature e.g. to protect a user from making mistakes or disturbing other parts of a larger setup, while still being able to access those parts without having to create additional users and switching between them.

Handling Optional Permissions

To change your active set of permission classes, go to your account - either via My AccountPermissions, or by clicking on your user name next to the Logged in as phrase in the status bar.

Check or uncheck the permission classes you want to be active. They become effective immediately. If you have optional permissions activated, your user name is displayed in square brackets.

Checking your Permissions

To check your currently active permissions, click on Show Permissions on the My Permissions page. It will show you a detailled list of all your active permissions.

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