Firmware update

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Important: Always clear your browser cache after performing a firmware update! New features are only visible/active/accessible if the browser uses the latest version of the website.

The Update Process

The update is a two-step process: In the first step, the update archive will be uploaded to the device, unpacked and its integrity checked. If the archive checks out ok, a new page gives you detailled information about the changes that are about to be made and asks for your confirmation.

Update form

You have received an update file either from the Direct.Out web page or from our support team. To apply it, upload it in the update form and press "Begin update".

Update confirmation

After you confirm, the update process begins. Please do not turn off the device during the update. It is ok if both PSU-LEDs flash rapidly after the following reboot, this indicates flashing the FPGA's firmware.

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