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Terms & Concepts

A user has its own account where individual snapshots and settings are stored. A user account can be activated/deactivated individually, its access on the device's features can be restricted, and it has to authenticate itself prior to using the device.

A user can be an individuum with username and password that logs in from different workstations. A user can also be a workstation or mobile device that is identified by its IP address.

A permission class is a set of access rights to the device. Every permission class contains of a list of every single feature on the device and wether access to it is allowed or not.

Every user has to be assigned to one default permission class. Optional permission classes can be configured to be added to the default permission class dynamically in order to get more rights when needed.

User Configuration

User account list

The first table shows all user accounts and their current status. If you have the permissions to alter existing or create new user accounts, the corresponding buttons are accessible.

Create A New Account

To create a new user account, you can either clone an existing account (and inherit its properties except realname, username, password and contact) or start from scratch.

To clone an existing user account, chose one that already has similar remaining properties like the one you want to create, and click on Clone...

To create a new user account, click on the button Add user account.. below the table. In either case, the following dialog window opens:

New user dialog

Now fill in the at least the mandatory fields (marked red):

After entering all the user account data, you have to authenticate yourself by entering your passwort to prevent anybody else to create an account while you are away from your machine.

Note: You cannot create a user that has more rights than you have yourself.

Edit A User Account

To edit a user account, click on the Edit.. button next to it. The following dialog window opens.

User edit dialog

For details about the fields see the section above, 'Create a New Account'. The only difference is the addition of a checkbox to enable or disable an account.

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