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The Gain Map gives you an overview of the 16 port and 1024 channel gains. It also allows changing the gain for single channels or groups of channels.

Input port speed and channel mode

Speed mode 1FS
Speed mode 2FS
Speed mode 4FS

The input speed mode is indicated by showing you how much space a single channel consumes in S/MUX mode.

If the input signal is in 56 channel mode, the last 8/4/2 (depending on the speed mode) channels are blanked out.

Changing the channel gain is only possible for the visible channels.

Selecting Channels

You can select

Gain Selection

The selection you have made will be stored in the browser and is available as long as you keep the browser window open.

Changing Channel Gains

Once you have selected the channels to modify, enter the new gain value or a relative value in the "Gain" field. You don't have to click into the text field, just press the number keys on your keyboard.

Set gain

Now apply the gain either as new value by clicking on "SET" or pressing the RETURN/ENTER key. If you want to make a relative adjustment, click on "+"/"-" or press the +/- key.

Locking Gains

Gains can be locked so they cannot be altered without unlocking them. To lock or unlock gains, select them and press the lock/unlock button.

Lock/Unlock buttons

Locked channels are displayed with a little lock symbol in their upper left corner.

Locked gains
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