Emergency Recovery

Web Server Restart

Pressing the RESET button for 1..5 seconds restarts the web server. If you cannot surf the M.1k2 anymore, this might help you out.

Network configuration reset

If you managed to create a dysfunctional set of network settings or cannot reach the device for other reasons, you can revert to the factory presets at any time via the front panel.

Location of the RESET button

Procedure: Press the RESET button on the front panel for about 5s. As soon as you press the button, it will start flashing rapidly. If it stops flashing, the factory presets have been activated. You can then access the device via the initial IP address,

Note: The device's state LED will blink slowly whenever the factory network settings are active (see the frontpanel section for an explanation of LED blinking patterns).

Password reset

It is possible to reset the administrator's password if you have locked yourself out. Please contact our support for information about the procedure.

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