SNMP Implementation

The current SNMP implementation supports SNMP v1/v2. You can define one Read Only and one Read/Write community as well as one trap sink.

At the time, SNMP is only available in black series M.1k2 devices.

SNMP Configuration

Configuration → Device → Network settings → profile → SNMP configuration

SNMP configuration

Community String: The Community String serves as common 'password' between a SNMP agent and the managment tool.
IP mask/subnet mask: Using the IP/subnet mask you can restrict SNMP access to single clients or a LAN. Examples:

IP maskSubnet maskAccess from.. only -


If enabled, the SNMP agent sends traps whenever in the following events:

psuTrapPower supply status changed
temperatureTrapMonitored temperature changed
madiSignalTrapMonitored incoming signal level changed
madiSyncTrapSync status changed
madiFrequencyTrapMonitored incoming signal frequency changed
madiChannelsInTrapThe number of channels in the incoming MADI stream changed
madiFrameInTrapThe frame geometry of the incoming MADI stream changed
madiRedundancyTrapReflects changes on the redundancy status
wckSyncTrapSync status changed

DirectOut MIB

Our DirectOut MIB can be used for all SNMP capable DirectOut devices.

SNMP Security

If you want to restrict the SNMP plugin to parts of the M.1k2, please choose a fitting permission class for the 'snmp' plugin in the DevicePlugin Configuration panel - or create a new permission class to suit your needs.

Questions? Suggestions?

If you have questions, found a bug or need new features, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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