Controlling The M.1k2

There are multiple ways to control the M.1k2, many of which can be used simultaneously.

Humanoid Control

Web Interface

The web interface gives the user control over all aspects of the device. It allows to define different users with limited access to the system and runs on any modern browser, mobile device etc.


Telnet uses a text interface over a network connection where the user can enter commands to control the device.

Machine Control


Telnet's text interface can also be used to interface with scripts or as least common denominator with control systems. It also the most features of all machine control interfaces.


Pro-Bel SWP08 is used e.g. by VSM. It uses a network connection and controls the audio, MIDI and serial matrix.


MIDI - just route any MIDI input to the controller and control the M.1k2 with it. You can recall snapshots or create port routings with simple programmable MIDI controllers.


JSON uses HTTP to send and receive JavaScript objects that contain the device's status and configuration. It offers painless integration in web based setups.


Jupiter uses a RS422 connection to control the M.1k2 from a GrassValley video switcher controller.


SNMP is a well used standard to monitor network devices. The implementation in the M.1k2 features status monitoring, reading and setting the configuration.

Protocol Feature Matrix

Load snapshot X X X
Channel routing X X X X X X
Port routing X X
MIDI routing X X X X
Serial routing X X X X
GPO control X X X
Gains X X X
Controlling locks X X
Clock configuration X X
Reading labels X X X
Setting labels X X
Status readout X X X
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