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09/15/2023 - Single Video video

IPSHOWCASE 23 Network Convergence Can Different Protocols Coexist

Media over IP users often have to deal with multiple different protocols that do not coexist well, this is due to various workflows or medium being used during production. Nicolas presents solutions being deployed at the customer level and their caveats, paving the way toward network convergence.

11/30/2020 - Single Video video

Lockdown Rock - The show must go WAN

Is it possible to transmit real-time uncompressed audio via WAN when dedicated network connections are not available and standard domestic internet connections such as DSL are the only possible option? This video demonstrates that it is!

09/30/2020 - Single Video video

SRC Demystified

Interview with Stephan Flock, co-founder of DirectOut

09/30/2020 - Single video video

We Do Redundancy

Session with Luca Giaroli explaining redundancy concepts of DirectOut devices in general and how to use the numerous redundancy features of PRODIGY Series in particular

09/30/2020 - Single Video video

Control is key

Claudio Becker-Foss explaining the implementation of control protocols (NMOS / Ember+) in DirectOut devices.

09/30/2020 - Single Video video

Remote Music Productions

Interview with Peter Brandt - CEO of Remote Recording Network GmbH