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RadioMediaset chooses DirectOut to manage all audio signals

Those who work in audio recording and signal distribution for live and touring applications already know how flexible and handy DirectOut technical solutions are. A device like the PRODIGY.MP multifunction processor allows to cut the amount of gear necessary to manage all the signals of an event to a minimum. Interfacing, routing, and processing: all done in one device that can be personalized in terms of connections choosing between different I/O modules.

Thanks to this modular approach introduced with the PRODIGY Series, these products are suitable for multiple applications in different vertical markets and not just live. No wonder: who would give up with a solution which allows to drastically reduce the number of devices needed to transmit content while keeping the quality at the highest level? One of the broadcasters who has chosen DierctOut is RadioMediaset, the biggest Italian radio group which includes five radio stations: Radio 105, R101, Virgin Radio, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Subasio.

Audiosales, DirectOut’s Italian distributor, interviewed Davide Gaddia, responsible for the tech team at RadioMediaset, who explained how DirectOut processors are used in their infrastructure. PRODIGY.MP is placed in the CED (Center of Data Elaboration), the bridging room, where FM and DAB signals are generated and where the processor distributes the signals towards all the radio stations of the group, also managing the delays.

“Since we started using PRODIGY.MP with its versatility, we drastically reduced the number of devices in our CED rooms”

Davide Gaddia, RadioMediaset

Another PRODIGY.MP is managing the backup signals with MADI flows and redundant Dante ones. Thanks to the Input Manager function, both signals are always active. Both PRODIGY units are also equipped with a RAVENNA module to generate AES67 streams reaching the Production Centers in Segrate and Cologno. “Just by looking at the device you can already notice the quality level DirectOut put in building it. Once connected to it, it is possible to appreciate the simplicity of globcon, the graphical interface used to easily manage the enormous power of the PRODIGY”

Adopting PRODIGY for this application meant a great advantage also in terms of budget. Just two devices can handle all the functions that multiple devices where handling before, with great savings in terms of occupied space inside the CED and easiness in configuration and usage. Being built to handle the stress of live and touring, the PRODIGY Series is robust and with no compromises in terms of quality, and these characteristics are for sure very much appreciated by Radio and TV Broadcasters.


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DirectOut partners with Densitron IDS

In cooperation with the British manufacturer of touch-based display solutions Densitron, DirectOut is proud to offer new control options to customers of its modular PRODIGY Series. Users gain fast and intuitive access to selected parameters of the PRODIGY.MC multichannel converter and the PRODIGY.MP audio processor.

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DirectOut appoints Contact Distribution as Canadian Distributor

German audio network and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Contact Distribution as Canadian distributor. 

Following the company's strategy to optimally serve all vertical markets and to guarantee its customers and users the best support, DirectOut has found a promising and very well positioned partner.

Jan Ehrlich, CEO and Sales Director of DirectOut comments, “Our clients, designers and users as well as our engineers, support staff and products all strive to offer the absolute best in the audio industry. Our global partners carry on that ideal and Contact’s 34-year history of servicing the top of the North American pro audio and broadcast industries is a perfect match. Contact’s expertise in digital audio networks and fibre-based solutions is exemplary and the ideal basis to take PRODIGY and our entire portfolio to the markets they were created for.”

Iconic industry standard models such as ANDIAMO converters, EXBOX compact audio interfaces, several sample rate converters and routing matrixes provide control and connectivity, engineers cannot find in other brands. As such this expertise has led to the development and recent release of PRODIGY multi-functional multi-format converter and processor models.

Bill Coons, Director of Contact comments, “DirectOut products and the people behind the brand are in the rarified air where very few manufacturers exist. Their precision and quality is virtually unrivalled. The mind-blowing capabilities of PRODIGY.MP processor version has now stunned the live production and integration markets in the same way the PRODIGY.MC conversion units astonished the global broadcast industry. These models in conjunction with globcon control software are the long-awaited universal solution every high-level audio system any application could ever reliably require.”

Prior to this appointment, in Canada DirectOut has established a solid list of leading edge, critical audio users such as CBC, Cirque du Soleil, Bell Media, Solotech as well as personal use by many of the country’s leading recording producers and engineers.

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Legacy Evolved – DirectOut releases 3rd Generation of famous ANDIAMO Series

German-based audio and connectivity specialist DirectOut is announcing the release of the third generation of its popular ANDIAMO. The device comes with newly designed AD/DA Converters, network based audio and remote control. “When we launched our first ANDIAMO in 2010, we already had the feeling that it would be a game changer”, Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO and CTO of DirectOut remembers, "and now, twelve years later, our clients can witness the evolution of ANDIAMO to again meet their expectations for an AD/DA Converter, they can count on.”

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3 Doors Down chooses DirectOut PRODIGY Series for “The Better Life - 20th Anniversary” Tour

Audio Crew Chief and System Tech, Michael Mordente, relies on PRODIGY Series for digital I/O and system management.

With the eagerly anticipated return of the touring industry, North Carolina based Special Event Services seized the opportunity to once again deploy their new d&b audiotechnik KSL rig on the recently completed 20th Anniversary 3 Doors Down Tour. They also called upon industry veteran Michael Mordente as their Audio Crew Chief and System Tech to coordinate the effort and to introduce them to DirectOut’s PRODIGY Series, specified for the tour.

“The PRODIGY.MC was deployed in tandem with the stage box as a modular converter to manage critical aspects of the I/O topology and redundant signal distribution on stage and to FOH”, said Mordente. “That means media, format, and sample rate conversion for interconnect between our pair of Yamaha PM10’s on stage and FOH, and for the main support act Seether’s DiGiCo SD9 at FOH and Avid Profile monitor desk. The PRODIGY.MP with its powerful FPGA and DSP was used as the main system drive at FOH, with the comprehensive and extremely potent globcon software platform controlling it all”, he added.

A redundant 96kHz MADI stream was the primary digital audio format with both AES3, and Analog as back-up sources, along with a Dante network “standing by” as yet an additional layer of redundancy.
Even the DJ feed from the stage was managed and controlled by the PRODIGY’s enabling it to be fully isolated from the consoles and completely under the control of DirectOut’s devices.

Curtis Flatt, FOH Engineer for 3 Doors Down, was thrilled to have the PRODIGY.MP and PRODIGY.MC working together to drive the complex, yet comprehensive KSL system. “With DirectOut, I was able to have everything I needed in one unit - EQ, control, multiple redundancies, no added coloration, headroom for days, integrated input/output for system measurement and optimization software, along with the ability to integrate multiple consoles - and that's just scratching the surface! What it truly gave me was the sonic palette I needed to create a mix and not worry about it adding its own colorations”, said Flatt.

“I can also speak for my colleague Michael “Ace” Baker, FOH Engineer for Seether, who was very pleased with the system headroom, ease of integration and seamless interconnectivity between the Yamaha and Avid Dante-based consoles and the DiGiCo MADI-based desk” he added.

Production Manager and monitor engineer Warren Cracknell was extremely enthusiastic about having the PRODIGY’s on his tour and specifically requested them while enlisting Mike Mordente as the Audio Crew Chief and System Tech. “I had heard so much about the PRODIGY Series from my colleagues in the industry and really wanted to get them on this tour”, he said. “I am so glad Mike was available and able to join the tour. The PRODIGY’s made a world of difference and took everything to the next level sonically. I will be requesting them for all my tours going forward”, he added.

Photo Credit: Matt Bender

Captions: Warren Cracknell - Production Manager and Monitor Engineer
Michael (ACE ) Baker - FOH for Seether
Michael Mordente
Curtis Flatt - FOH 3 Doors Down

Press Releases

DirectOut awards three distributors for their performances in the year 2020

The Australian company tm stagetec systems is appointed as ‘Distributor of the Year’ for 2020, while SeeSound (Spain) and ITR Engineering (Russia) receive the ‘Outstanding Sales Performance’ and the ‘PRODIGY of the Year’ awards.

‘Distributor of the Year’
After a very successful 2019 which already granted tm stagetec systems the award as ‘Rookie of the year’, the company not only was able to repeat a great performance in terms of sales, but fully demonstrated itself as a ‘360 degrees’ partner for DirectOut, emphasizing once more the significance of the brand’s name and products within the Australian continent.

Jan Ehrlich, CEO of DirectOut, is happy to state: “tm stagetec has demonstrated a very deep knowledge of our entire portfolio during the recent years. At the same time they used this to consult the clients at best and reached out to every single opportunity the market presented. Even though our relationship is still quite young, we are a well-coordinated team with the same customer-oriented understanding.”

SeeSound | Award 2020

‘Outstanding Sales Performance’
SeeSound has already been the distributor of DirectOut products for the Iberic peninsula for a few years and the relationship between the two companies has been very positive since day one. After a kick-off year in 2018 and a constant growth in 2019, 2020 was finally the year of collecting the fruits of the seeds planted. For this reason DirectOut has been very pleased to recognize SeeSound with the ‘Outstanding Sales Performance’ award.

‘PRODIGY of the year’
Furthermore DirectOut honored the distribution partner which performed best in promoting and selling the new PRODIGY Series. ITR Engineering, formerly known as Audio Solutions, did a great job in introducing the Series to the Russian market.

Yuriy Cheshev from ITR Engineering comments “On behalf of ITR, I would like to thank DirectOut for this award. We are very pleased that you have appreciated our efforts in the Russian market. And we hope for an even more successful cooperation for the future! Good devices from you, good sales from us”

Ehrlich concludes “In such a difficult year for the entire audio industry, flexibility and creativity were required for the sales business. Many of our distribution partners have succeeded very well. We are particularly pleased with our business relationship with the three companies, which have been extremely successful during this time.“


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