With an hands-on approach, our Webinars give you insights on Networked Audio, such as AES67, RAVENNA, Dante or SoundGrid, and other audio formats and technologies.

07/09/2020 - playlist-video-icon playlist

Lockdown Rock

Speakers: Claudio Becker-Foss, Luca Giaroli

Theoretical and practical aspects of the "Lockdown Rock" projects ran by DirectOut in cooperation with Vivivaldy

07/01/2020 - single-video-icon video

Honey, I shrunk the rig

Speaker: Jon Schumann

A chat with Jon Schumann to discover his eLV1 setup running on a DirectOut backbone

05/21/2020 - single-video-icon video

Diving into PRODIGY.MP - Day 4 - Broadcast

Speaker: Benno Sonder

How to use PRODIGY.MP in Broadcast Applications of different size and kind

05/20/2020 - playlist-video-icon playlist

Diving into PRODIGY.MP - Day 3 - Live

Speaker: Luca Giaroli

An example of how to use PRODIGY.MP to manage a live festival

05/19/2020 - playlist-video-icon playlist

Diving into PRODIGY.MP - Day 2 - Advanced

Speaker: Luca Giaroli

Advanced features of PRODIGY.MP Multifunction Audio Processor

05/18/2020 - playlist-video-icon playlist

Diving into PRODIGY.MP - Day 1 - Overview

Speaker: Luca Giaroli

An introduction to the PRODIGY Series with a focus on PRODIGY.MP

04/28/2020 - playlist-video-icon playlist

How to configure your AoIP setup

Speaker: Claudio Becker-Foss

How to manage PTP, RAVENNA, and AES67 with DirectOut devices

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This playlist includes all the Ravenna Webinars where our company has been involved as presenter or co-presenter