Zuverlässigkeit, Flexibilität, kompaktes Design, Effizienz: Das ist es, was unsere Geräte für Broadcast-Anwendungen ausmacht, sei es in Ü-Wagen oder Sendeanstalten.


Unsere Produkte eignen sich für eine Vielzahl von Live-Sound-Anwendungen, von der Verwaltung eines PA-Systems auf einem großen Festival bis hin zum Mischen des Sounds bei einer Firmenveranstaltung.


Erstklassige Mikrofonvorverstärker, Wandler mit hoher Kanalzahl, die verschiedene Audioformate miteinander verbinden und alles, was Sie für Live- und Studioaufnahmen benötigen.


Theater, Opernhäuser, Kirchen, Konferenzzentren, Konzerthallen: Wo immer es eine Audio Herausforderung gibt, werden unsere Geräte installiert, um diese zu meistern.


Unsere PRODIGY Serie bietet die modernste Konvertierung, Signalweiterleitung und Signalverarbeitung. "As you wish" ist die DNA dieser state-of-the-art Geräte.


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PRODIGY.MC and The Recording Project

My system consists of a DirectOut Technologies, MC Prodigy modular audio converter loaded with 64ch of high quality MicHD preamps meticulously packaged in a custom rack with all inputs on the back side. It allows for 48 or 96K recording. The system is very tidy, flexible and allows all kinds of expansions. As the unit is an audio converter, you can also latch any desired analogue preamps to it. The converter / preamp connects via Fiber cable to (2) Avid Madi Pro tools for redundancy. Et Voila! That is the basic system.

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RME und DirectOut präsentieren Digiface Ravenna

RME and DirectOut present the new Digiface Ravenna. The mobile audio interface is based on the proven Digiface Dante, but features a RAVENNA module developed by DirectOut. The device allows the transmission of a total of 128 audio channels coming from RAVENNA and optionally MADI via a single USB 3.0 connection.

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DirectOut PRODIGY series now with Automator and EARS™ Disaster Recovery

The current system update of DirectOut’s PRODIGY series gives the devices another boost in meeting the requirements of the market. For the modular audio converter PRODIGY.MC and the multifunctional audio processor PRODIGY.MP the Automator License is now available.

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PRODIGY.MP bei Rock am Ring und Rock im Park

Attracting 165,000 visitors, Germany’s largest music festival recently took place at the Nürburgring during Whitsun. ‘Rock am Ring’ was first organised by concert promoter Marek Lieberberg in 1985, with sister festival ‘Rock im Park’ in Nuremberg added a few years later. On the main stages – Utopia and Mandora – 2022’s events saw almost 70 acts play over three days, including Green Day, The Offspring, Marteria, Scooter, Muse, Beatsteaks and Billy Talent.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Picture provided by: EBU / SARAH LOUISE BENNETT
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Broadcast to more than 50 countries worldwide and attracting upwards of 200 million viewers, the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (ESC2022) employed the most extensive DirectOut audio infrastructure so far used at the event, setting new standards in the reliability of its sound.

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DirectOut PRODIGY.MP strengthens audio resilience and reduces weight and space for Lewis Capaldi

Arena and festival live music audiences of tens of thousands have high expectations for a memorable, professional and fault-free performance. The stage performance emulating, or even improving upon, the performance on the album – plus all the extra razzmatazz, visuals and, of course, atmosphere of sharing this with thousands of other, hopefully, like-minded fans. The stakes are high.


Let's get ready for the future! Hören Sie unseren Experten zu, lesen Sie unsere White Papers und sehen Sie sich unsere Tutorials an, um mehr über Audiostandards, Netzwerk-Audioformate, Spitzentechnologien und vieles mehr zu erfahren.


Wir sind auf die Entwicklung von Pro-Audio-Konnektivitäts-, Netzwerk- und Bridging-Lösungen für Broadcast-, Studio-, Live- und Installed-Sound-Anwendungen spezialisiert.

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