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The Buffer Loop Detection System (BLDS™) is used to detect silence or a corrupted input signal - e.g. caused by an application hang of the playout system (repeating buffers) or stuttered playback due to system overload.

A provided software tool creates a .wav file containing a low level signal which is inserted into the audio stream. The artificial design of the Buffer Loop Detection Signal enables reliable and inaudible switch-over within one sample.

Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching (EARS™) is a system to prevent interruption of the output signal. It uses either the proven BLDS™ technology or pilot tone triggering. A logic monitors the condition of the trigger signal on the input. In case of a failure it switches automatically to the backup input.

Disaster Recovery is an additional feature of the EARS implementation for the PRODIGY Series. When the MAIN signal source fails, EARS automatically switches to the BACKUP signal. If MAIN and BACKUP both fail, EARS switches to a second fallback signal called DISASTER RECOVERY.

DirectOut's FastSRC™ is a low latency sample rate converter for when two digital interfaces of a device must work in different clock domains. FastSRC™ combines good sound quality with very low latency of less than 0.15 msecs and is invaluable in live sound applications and a "life-saver" in critical situations. High-end sample rate conversion requires noticeable processing time, so for the very best audio quality we recommend DirectOut's dedicated SRC products such as the RAV.SRC.IO, DANTE.SRC.IO or MADI.SRC.

DirectOut is offering SRC versions of its audio network modules for the popular PRODIGY Series performing state-of-the-art conversion, signal routing and processing. These modules are available for RAVENNA, Dante and SoundGrid and feature HD SRC, a FPGA-based sample rate converter at highest audio quality. HD SRC is granting seamless connection across clock boundaries preserving the pristine nature of the signal.

globcon controller is a virtual remote controller that allows a customised user interface to be built to control globcon managed equipment from any standard internet browser. This includes any tablet and smartphone, as well as PC, Mac and Linux computer platforms.

Interfacing with the globcon app, its intuitive configuration interface allows drag-and-drop of channels from any device available in globcon, and sets of up to eight channels to be built in 12 layers. These layouts include faders, buttons and level meters and are then accessible via a web browser and can be used from mobile devices in the network as well. Up to 16 virtual controllers can be configured and mapped to hardware controllers. Presets are available for OSC. Other third-party hardware (eg Midi controllers) can be ‘learned’ and mapped by performing the required trigger movements.

In DirectOut's own MirrorMode, selected parameters of a Mirror Unit are automatically aligned with the Main Unit. Alignment allows immediate switch-over for seamless operation with the matching device configuration in the event of a failure of the Main Unit. MirrorMode is available for both devices of the PRODIGY Series.

Find out how to use MirrorMode in our short tutorial.

A series of audio devices performing state-of-the-art conversion, signal routing, and signal processing.

PRODIGY Series uses a modular approach and extends the scope of the popular ANDIAMO Series of AD/DA/AES to MADI converters, to meet today’s – and future – requirements of broadcast, live-sound, installation, and recording.

‚As you wish‘ is the DNA of each PRODIGY.

PRODIGY uses a customizable mainframe, with dedicated slots that can be populated using a variety of IO modules and a scalable license management.


Products in the series:

PRODIGY.MC - Modular Audio Converter

PRODIGY.MP - Multifunction Audio Processor

A series of audio devices performing format conversion, routing, automatic redundancy switching, and SRC.

EXBOX series combines a really handy size (1/3 of 19’’) with rock-solid housing and redundant power supplies offering compact and affordable audio solutions.


Products in the series:

EXBOX.MD - Dante/MADI Converter


EXBOX.SG - SoundGrid/MADI Converter


EXBOX.BLDS - MADI Redundancy Switch

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