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KYRA is a 1U audio monitoring device for signal control in MADI environments such as broadcast or PA installations.
It incorporates an 8 x 2 mixer, allowing the operator to set up an 8-channel stereo mix from either eight mono or four stereo channels from the incoming MADI stream.
The monitor mix is output to a pair of integrated speakers on the front panel.
A headphone output on the front panel and a balanced line output on the rear are also provided as well as an AES3 I/O on the rear panel which allows for monitoring an AES3 signal or outputting the main mix.

All-Round Functionality
KYRA provides flexible MADI monitoring and line checking as it includes connectivity via three interface standards for MADI:

  • optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode)
  • coaxial (BNC)
  • SFP

The Small Form Factor Pluggable cage can be fitted with any SFP module suitable for the customer’s application.

The integral USB port is available for firmware updates and offers the possibility for future upgrades with extended functionality.

Power Fail Through (PFT)
The coaxial I/O maintains the signal transmission from BNC input to BNC output in case of a power loss.

Multiple-Source Monitoring
Each of the four source panels is equipped with individual bar graphs for input and mix level, a seven-segment display and two encoders for channel selection and level adjustment.
The volume of the main mix can be independently adjusted for each output independently.

Key lock
Channel selection on the front panel can be locked to avoid accidental changes.

MADI ports (I/O):1 x coaxial BNC*, 75 Ω
1 x optical SC-Socket multi-mode
1 x SFP (empty cage without module)
AES3 ports (I/O):1 x DSUB-9 (requires optional XLR adaptor)
Line Out:1 x DSUB-9 (requires optional XLR adaptor)
Headphone Out:1 x 6.3 mm TRS jack, stereo
Sample rates:44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz (+/- 12,5%)
MADI formats:48k / 96k Frame, 56 / 64 channel
Line Out
Output level:max. +24 dBu @ 0 dBFS
SNR:-114.5 dB / -117.3 dBA
THD @ 0 dBFS:-108 dB
Headphone Out
Output level:max. +18 dBu @ 0 dBFS
SNR:114.2 dB / 117.1 dBA
THD @ 0 dBFS:-106 dB
Speakers:2 speakers 2 W / 4 W (rated / max)
Class-D power amplifier
Mean SPL:81 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Service:USB 2.0 for firmware updates (Windows®)
Display:4 x segment display
Power supply:1 x 84 V to 264 V AC / 47 Hz to 63 Hz / safety class 1
Dimensions:Width 19"(483 mm)
Height 1 RU(44.5 mm)
Depth 7.8"(200 mm)
Weight:about 3 kg
USB Serial driver:Windows®
SFP modules (LC single-mode or multi-mode)
Device variants
Single-mode:MADI port: SC-Socket single-mode
Dual PSU:optional available
* With PFT technology (Power Fail Through)
Signal transmission is maintained in case of power loss.