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Following you may browse through a bunch of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The list is sorted by products:

DO-Update - Firmware Update does not work.

Check the Device Manager - D.O.Tec Serial Port installed?

Use native Windows installation only - in virtual environments e.g. Parallels, Virtual Box the USB communication may fail.

Observe the instructions in the document 'Install USB control'.

DO-Update - How to run a firmware update on a Mac

You need Windows and Parallels with customized settings for the hardware - USB port. You may check the video tutorial:

MONTONE.42 - New GUI showing the load symbol.

New GUI is based on HTML 5 which is not supported by Internet Explorer or other pretty old browser versions. Javascript must be enabled.

ANDIAMO Remote - Remote does not connect with the device via MADI link

Check embedding device (EXBOX.MIDICOM, MA2CHBOX, or similar)

Check for the correct transmission method in the menu

For ANDIAMO.MC: Check for correct setting of ‚Remote Protocol‘ (A) at the front panel

Check cabling, a bidirectional MADI link (loop) is required

For debugging use a USB connection and check the setting ‚Remote over MADI Port‘

ANDIAMO Remote - Remote does not connect via DONet

Check for correct setting of ‚Remote Protocol‘ (A)

For proper transport of the control data via network check to enable UDP Multicast Routing in the entire network for Ports 7777 to 8555.

IGMP v3 is used.

M.1K2 - Website not working properly after firmware update

Please clear the cache of your browser.

M.1K2 - What is the default password?

The admin password is defined at initial setup of the device.

If you have lost the credentials please contact and provide the following information:

- serial number (label at the rear panel, 8 digits)

- your name

- vendor

M.1K2 - Where is the software guide?

The online-help of the M.1K2 is available as zip-archive on the product page (Software Guide).

Extract the archive and open the file:


Link to Online Version

ANNA-LISA Remote App does not connect with the device

Open the System Settings (Bluetooth) on your Android device. Once Bluetooth is enabled and ANNA-LISA has been switched on, your ANNA-LISA device will appear in the device list. You may select it and confirm the connection.

The device's name is combined of the prefix 'Anna-Lisa-' and the last four digits of the Bluetooth MAC address (printed on the back label of the device). In example: 'Anna-Lisa-321F'.

If your ANNA-LISA device does NOT appear please send a mail including the serial number to

Once the connection with the ANNA-LISA Remote app has been established successfully all firmware updates will be performed via Bluetooth initiated by the app.

You can find the app for Android in the Google PlayStore - Link

ANNA-LISA - Windows Remote

A windows version is available now. Supported connection method is limited to Bluetooth at this time (no USB). You have to pair the unit with your PC. Windows will create a serial (COM) port. Select the one called ‚RNI-SPP‘ in the settings dialog of the remote software.

EXBOX.UMA Remote - Remote does not connect with the device

Check Device Manager => D.O.TEC i64-USB MIDI Port x installed?

Check the MIDI device settings (Command - Select MIDI I/O)

Command - Deactivate MIDI thru

MIDI thru may be used to tunnel MIDI data. This disables the communication with the device (=> Thru active).


If you need further assistance you may send us an email to