German networked audio and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of distributor MultiPoint Integrated Technologies to its growing market presence in the United States. DirectOut has already made its mark abroad in the studio broadcast and…
As a successful participant of the JT-NM Tested program  MONTONE.42, DirectOut‘s MADI/RAVENNA converter, will be listed at the IP Showcase at NAB 2019 as a device aligning with the SMPTE 2110 standards. Not only was the MONTONE.42 part of the JT-NM Tested event in…
Beta version 0.6 of globcon, the global control software platform, increases the overall usability, making the management of professional entertainment equipment even easier. Among other features snapshots are introduced for DirectOut’s ANDIAMO series, MADI.SRC, EXBOX.MD, MA2CHBOX.XL and M.1K2, allowing the…

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