Distributor for US Pro Audio Market

German networked audio and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of distributor MultiPoint Integrated Technologies to its growing market presence in the United States.

DirectOut has already made its mark abroad in the studio broadcast and remote operation/mobile broadcast production communities, and the company’s longstanding distributor Joseph Electronics remains in place serving this market segment. MultiPoint will introduce both the DirectOut brand and its new Prodigy Series product platform to the non-broadcast related pro audio market segment of the industry.

“This would not be the first time that I have taken on the challenge of introducing a ground-breaking new technology from a perceived newcomer in pro audio business and brought it to the forefront of our industry,” says Tom Bensen, Founder and CEO of MultiPoint Integrated Technologies. “DirectOut, however, has the strategic advantage of a ten-year record of success under its belt, along with a team of leading-edge engineers and product specialists, and a finely tuned and well-oiled administrative support mechanism already in place.”

“After meeting Tom and his skilled and well-known team of seasoned pro audio professionals, we knew immediately they had the right combination of knowledge, business connections and experience necessary to bring our company and our new products to this growing market segment,” says DirectOut Managing Director, Jan Ehrlich. “MultiPoint has a highly skilled technical staff of working sound engineers and product specialists in place and ready to go. The alignment of our two companies, in both our business philosophies and personnel complement, is basically perfect.”



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