Krisztian Varga (Audmax) and Lorenzo Sassi (DirectOut)
DirectOut, a renowned provider of professional Audio Solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership with Audmax.
Following the first collaboration with RME, the Digiface RAVENNA, DirectOut now adds the USB.IO, a USB audio interface module to their MAVEN and PRODIGY platforms. Based on the USB 3.0 core by RME and using their renowned low latency technology,…
DirectOut, a leading manufacturer of professional audio solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of MAVEN – a smart audio platform that redefines the limits of flexibility, rack space and DSP power.
DirectOut has announced that Commercial Audio is now its exclusive distributor in Poland. DirectOut's audio solutions have thus found a new home in Poland. Commercial Audio is a partner that shares a passion for sound and innovation and is just…

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