Following the first collaboration with RME, the Digiface RAVENNA, DirectOut now adds the USB.IO, a USB audio interface module to their MAVEN and PRODIGY platforms. Based on the USB 3.0 core by RME and using their renowned low latency technology, the USB.IO benefits from high performance Windows and Mac drivers with unrivalled stability.

The collaboration introduces a new USB-C version of the interface that provides an impressive 128 channels I/O at standard sample rates (1FS), while the entire range from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz is supported. This development eases the integration of DirectOut’s converters and multifunction processors into computer-based production systems, on tour and in the studio.

An exciting feature that comes with RME’s drivers, is the inclusion of RME's renowned TotalMix FX software. TotalMix FX offers an extensive range of mixing and routing options. From up to 128 separate submixes over internal Loopback routing to mixer and matrix views and controls, TotalMix FX allows flexible and versatile handling of the available record and playback channels, providing users with an all-in-one solution for interfacing to  an external computer.

In addition to the advanced driver support for Windows (ASIO, WDM) and macOS (Kernel Extension and DriverKit Core Audio), the new interface boasts a USB 3 Class-Compliant USB mode that transfers all 128 channels each for record and playback.

This feature allows for driverless operation of the module, making it instantly compatible with iPads and other devices for seamless, on-the-go audio production.

Of course, the card comes with EARS™ support, DirectOut's proprietary Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching technology. EARS ensures continuous audio playback by automatically switching to a backup source in the event of a signal loss, providing an additional layer of reliability for live performances and broadcasts.

“We are very happy to offer a USB audio interface for the PRODIGY series and MAVEN,” says Claudio Becker-Foss, CTO of DirectOut. “RME’s long standing experience in implementing computer interfaces and their drivers is legendary and their philosophy to create long lasting devices with maximum performance and long-term support matches our mindset perfectly.”

“DirectOut's PRODIGY family is a state-of-the-art modular system,” concludes Matthias Carstens, Head of Design of RME. “RME is happy to provide a professional audio interface solution as an optional module, continuing the succesful collaboration with DirectOut.”