Tutorials illustrate features of our products and provide usage examples to help you in deploying our devices and manage them with globcon, the global control software.


PRODIGY Series - OSC Control

About programming OSC to talk to the PRODIGY Series


PRODIGY Series - MirrorMode

Alignment of defined parameters between a ‘Main Unit’ and a ‘Mirror Unit’, based on a user-definable Mirror Scope



AutoMix may increase intelligibility and reduce the overall noise floor of a mix. It sets automatically the gain values of Flex Channels belonging to AutoMix Groups


PRODIGY.MP - Custom Filter

Introduction of the Custom Filter being part of the FIR filter. Measurement, adjusting the filter's contribution and applying it


PRODIGY Series - Operating Modes

Luca Giaroli illustrates the Operating Modes of the PRODIGY Series: Show Mode and Configuration Mode


PRODIGY.MP - DSP Capabilities and globcon control

This video describes the DSP functions of PRODIGY.MP controlled via globcon


PRODIGY.MP - Basic Live Workflow

Example of a workflow to install a Basic Live Setup with PRODIGY.MP controlled by globcon

globcon - General

Introduction, first steps and features

globcon - Snapshots

Working with Snapshots, editing Scope-Sets and Data-Sets

globcon - Triggers

Working with triggers in globcon

globcon - Plugins

Controlling particular devices and tips