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  • MONTONE.42 is a MADI (AES10) to Audio-over-IP bridge based on RAVENNA audio networking technology and supporting AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30 / -31.

  • MADI module for PRODIGY and EXBOX Series

  • M.1K2 is a scalable 16-port MADI router that provides a powerful routing matrix for up to 1024 x 1024 audio...


    MA2CHBOX.XL is a compact, reference class headphone amplifier for MADI (AES10) and AES3 signals.

  • MADI.BRIDGE is an 8-port (8 x 64 channel) MADI switcher and router with remote control and a preset memory.

  • SPLIT.CONVERTER is a combined MADI format converter and signal splitter.

  • EXBOX.BLDS is a sophisticated MADI redundancy switch for production environments with advanced reliability requirements.

  • ANNA-LISA is a compact, handheld MADI analysis tool and signal generator for MADI.

  • MADI.MONI is a compact, handheld MADI tester with comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

  • MADI module for PRODIGY and EXBOX Series