SFP.IO is a MADI module for the PRODIGY Series.

The MADI port connects 64 audio channels of digital input and output signals via an SFP transceiver.
The transceiver is pluggable to the SFP cage and can be exchanged to match the required connection type. E.g. LC optical multi-mode or single mode for optical transmission or HD-BNC for coaxial transmission.

The amount of audio channels is reduced at higher sample rates - 32 channels @ 2 FS or 16 channels @ 4 FS.

The transmission via fibre cable typically allows for long distance connections depending on the fibre mode (up to 2000 m, multi-mode or 10000 m, single mode) and the sender / receiver device.

The fibre modes of transceiver and cabling are required to match.

The transmission via coaxial cable typically allows connections of up to 100 m depending on the quality of the cabling and the sender / receiver device.

Transceiver for optical and coaxial transmission are available from DirectOut as accessory.

The PRODIGY Series offers low latency sample rate conversion (FastSRC™) for input and output.

  • 64 channels (1 FS), 32 channels (2 FS), 16 channels (4 FS)
  • Sample Rate 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz
  • 48k / 96kFrame
  • 56 / 57 / 64 channel mode
  • AES10 compliant
  • 1 x SFP socket* (input/output)

* compatible with SFP MADI Transceiver LWLAB optical LC Multi Mode / Single Mode and SFP Transceiver HD-BNC coax, available from DirectOut GmbH