The modular approach introduced by DirectOut's PRODIGY Series is finding new fields of application. Recently Allyn Srl, one of the main players for the Italian market of professional Broadcast and Media solutions, redesigned the management of AoIP flows within two studios of an important national broadcaster.
Allyn’s Sales Tech Support, Alessandro De Felice, illustrates the project starting from the need of interfacing and sharing Dante audio signals coming from the 'production area' with ST2110-30 audio signals coming from the IP matrix placed in the 'receiving/distribution area'. As a result, 2 PRODIGY.MPs equipped with DANTE.SRC.IO und RAV.SRC.IO modules were installed at the first location and 2 more PRODIGY.MPs with DANTE.SRC.IO and RAV.SRC.IO at the second one.
Thanks to the Dante and RAVENNA cards installed, each PRODIGY.MP can handle 64 Dante I/Os (for a total of 128 Dante I/Os at each site) and 128 ST2110-30/AES67 I/Os on 32x32 audio streams (for a total of 256 ST2110-30 I/Os at each site). As De Felice explained: "The two AoIP cards allow the PRODIGY.MP to be used as a full-fledged audio gateway, and thanks to the UNLIMITED License, which unlocks all current and future functions of the device, you can process and monitor each individual signal, adding, for example, equalization and delay to realign signals from different sources."
The audio network modules selected by Allyn in their SRC version with built-in HD SRC (Sample Rate Converter) allow the two worlds, Dante and ST2110, to be completely clock independent if this should be needed. Routing of Dante signals is handled via Dante Controller from the audio/video production area, while the management of the 2110 audio signals is handled via an NMOS Registry/Orchestrator which interfaces seamlessly with the RAV.SRC.IO cards, making the routing of streams simple and effective. Since a local area network is in place between the two locations, it is also possible to route audio streams between the two sites, as described in the diagram.
Everything was easily configured using globcon control software, which allows to manage and continuously monitor the status of the equipment from any authorized location inside the company.
"Between all the options presented to us, we chose the PRODIGY.MP audio processor because it sums up the functions of Audio Gateway (Dante to ST2110-30 and vice-versa), DSP, routing, remote control and NMOS interfacing in a single device . In addition, we already knew from direct experience that we could count on Audiosales' support for the overall configuration and training of our staff."
Source: Audiosales website at diesem Link.