'Audio Intelligence' is redefined

DirectOut, the German high-technology manufacturer of world class audio signal distribution, matrixing, and format conversion will feature its PRODIGY Series with the PRODIGY.MP as its focal point on display in active demonstration at this year’s Winter NAMM. The PRODIGY.MP is the intelligent combination of the PRODIGY Series modular design, greatly enhanced by the addition of an extremely powerful FPGA-based signal processor. This exceptionally potent DSP, exclusive to the PRODIGY.MP, offers matrix mixers, summing busses and introduces a unique flex channel I/O topology that contains a comprehensive EQ section, dynamics processing blocks, delays, and offers the possibility to add external plug-ins via hardware I/O. Flex channels can be configured as pre-fader inputs, or post-fader outputs, significantly amplifying the PRODIGY.MP’s I/O flexibility and agility.

The PRODIGY.MP boasts an impressive 416 input/420 output capability made possible by its wide range of format options. The MP can simultaneously host two audio network modules that support Dante, RAVENNA/AES67 or SoundGrid, allowing seamless inter-operability between different network formats with signal conversion granularity on a channel-by-channel basis.

Two MADI slots can be equipped with either BNC, SC or SFP modules enabling connections via coaxial cable or multi-mode and single-mode fiber. Four 8-channel converter slots complete the audio I/O’s with analog line level, either standard or HD microphone preamps, and AES3 module options. With comprehensive sync management and sample rate conversion for MADI I/O’s and AES3 I/O’s, PRODIGY.MP is equipped to meet any application from the most challenging and demanding complex environments to a very simple console to console connection scheme.

The globcon software platform offers full control of the PRODIGY Series and all other DirectOut devices, enabling consolidated uniform control and coherent operation. globcon features a comprehensive snapshot management system with selective recallable scope-sets, while also supporting trigger management, which includes OSC and MIDI for control from external devices e.g. a tablet. In addition, globcon will offer numerous recallable pre-set templates designed for typical touring, special event, festival, and installation configurations that easily facilitate initial system set-up at the click of button. The power of PRODIGY.MP is further augmented by the real-time access of Smaart from Rational Acoustics via API.

DirectOut’s compact and versatile PRODIGY Series offers maximum flexibility designed to address the demands of the live sound, recording, installation and broadcast market segments of the pro audio industry. The PRODIGY Series and other popular DirectOut products will be on display in active demonstrations under globcon control at the DirectOut Booth 17726 at Winter NAMM in Anaheim.


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