An abstract from the article published on Audiosales website.

The Sun, a famous Italian pop-rock band, celebrated 25 years of music with a 25-songs concert last December in Assisi, Italy.

Pianozero by Michele Rebesco, a professional, young and dynamic rental and production company was in charge of the technical support for the event.

"The artist's request was," says Rebesco, "to create an engaging show, with an adequate sound pressure but with a clear sound addressed towards a heterogeneous audience, consisting of young people, families, children and older people, while being able to work with IEM without having too much return from the hall." Giovanni Pigino, Product Specialist at Audiosales and FOH engineer of the band, describes the signal distribution structure of the event.
Concerto Assisi 3
"The core of the Sound System was a DirectOut PRODIGY.MP with Advanced License, which acted both as Stage Box with its HD Series pre-amplifiers and as Speaker Management for the PA connected via Dante."
Giovanni Pigino
The PRODIGY.MP was also managing MADI signals reaching a control room dedicated to recording and SoundGrid signals serving the Waves eLV1 mixer used in FOH. An additional ANDIAMO.MC was also used to provide local I/Os to the eLV1 console.
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Concerto Assisi 2
Source: Audiosales website at diesem Link.