With the current system update for the PRODIGY series, DirectOut introduces more new features. Living up to its name, PRODIGY.MP in particular sets new standards as a multifunctional audio processor with AutoMix, MirrorMode and the TruePeak Levelmeter.

With AutoMix, PRODIGY.MP now supports the fully automatic mixing of different input signals – perfect for panel discussions or multi-language feeds at sport events. Tweaking of the control parameters helps to meet even complex requirements, e.g. particularly reverberant event rooms.

With the newly implemented TruePeak Levelmeter, PRODIGY.MP now fulfills the requirements of EBU R 128. The TruePeak measurement allows reliable detection and display of inter-sample peaks.  In DirectOut's own MirrorMode, selected parameters of a Mirror Unit are automatically aligned with the Main Unit. Alignment allows immediate switch-over for seamless operation with the matching device configuration in the event of a failure of the Main Unit. MirrorMode is available for both devices of the PRODIGY Series.

PRODIGY.MC is enhanced with Summing Busses, to sum several channels in a simple matrix with adjustable output level.

AutoMix, MirrorMode, TruePeak Levelmeter and Summing Busses are the results of our continuous development for the PRODIGY Series since its launch a couple of years ago” comments Luca Giaroli, Product Manager at DirectOut. “And we are constantly extending the capabilities of these devices by addressing the feedbacks of our clients and making the series even more capable to face any kind of audio challenge.”