DirectOut, a leader in professional audio technology and Audio-over-IP pioneer, introduces the groundbreaking Audio Solution Model (ASM™), redefining the way audio solutions are designed to emphasise flexibility for designers, engineers, producers and musicians. ASM™ offers modularity in both hardware and software, ensuring both adaptability and longevity. It evolves with customers’ needs, using a five-layer structure built on high-quality hardware platforms that provides cost-effective and flexible application.

“While ‘DirectOut Technologies’ initially referred primarily to hardware, it has now evolved into a much broader, multi-dimensional, multi-layered concept that focuses entirely on the application: the Audio Solutions. We are no longer just a hardware company; we are a solution provider and proud to be at the forefront of the audio technology industry,” says Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO and CTO of DirectOut.

The ‘Skin’ layer, for instance, customizes the device performance, giving users the tools, they need. Control protocols and a software GUI further enhance flexibility, while templates simplify complex solutions, prioritizing creativity over technical complexity. At the same time, the top layer promotes an open approach, welcoming hardware components from any manufacturer. Add-ons enrich and extend the Audio Solution as needed, creating a holistic experience.

DirectOut’s PRODIGY.MP already embodies the ASM philosophy with modular hardware, powerful and scalable DSP, adaptable control, and comprehensive software. It’s a testament to DirectOut’s commitment to delivering flexible and accurate Audio Solutions. As a logical consequence, PRODIGY.MX, DirectOut’s newest addition, inherits core features from PRODIGY.MP and ASM’s DNA. With six network slots and extensive I/O, it is designed to remain extremely open and expandable, no matter which digital multichannel format or control system it is working with.

With the announcement of a cost-effective 1RU platform that is fully compatible with PRODIGY Series hardware modules and a new entry level and portable smart platform, DirectOut indicates how ASM will change the narrative in the future while maintaining sustainability and investment protection.

DirectOut invites audio professionals to embrace this new era of audio integration and customization with ASM. “Our vision at DirectOut is creating a harmonious symphony of Audio Solutions that work seamlessly together to meet and exceed our clients’ needs,” underlines Luca Giaroli, Strategist and Audio Solution Manager at DirectOut.