Modular Converter PRODIGY.MC

German audio network and interconnectivity specialist, DirectOut Technologies, has unveiled the first member of a powerful new broadcast product family, with extremely flexible applications. The PRODIDGY.MC is a modular audio converter and audio router supporting multiple formats, with a variety of I/O, and networked audio and control capability – in a compact 2RU package. The new hardware is the first in the forthcoming PRODIGY series.

The approach taken by DirectOut in the design of PRODIDGY.MC is the result of a decade of experience gained in designing and distributing multichannel audio converters and routing systems. “We are fortunate to be able to say that DirectOut has developed a lot of versatile products for professional clients’ exciting and demanding projects in various application scenarios during the past ten years,” comments CEO and Sales Director, Jan Ehrlich. “It is always our aim to turn the feedback we receive from our clients into new solutions in order to meet their requirements as completely as possible. Recent years have seen the need for more flexibility, modularity and state-of-the-art IP technology increase drastically.”

With the extremely successful ANDIAMO series in mind, PRODIGY.MC was designed from the ground up to provide a maximum of flexibility and versatility at a reasonable price point. The combination of unified remote control via globcon and a user-friendly touchscreen on the front panel ensures ultimate usability. Third-party remote control protocols can be added for increased system integration.

Product Manager Claudio Becker-Foss: “The design of the PRODIGY.MC hardware is the culmination of requests from our clients and a general industry requirement for greater channel counts and format flexibility in local converters and interface I/O, as well as support for networked audio standards such as Dante, RAVENNA, ST2110-30 and SoundGrid. It is our objective to offer solutions tailored to customers’ needs, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate future changes and developments in professional audio.”

PRODIGY.MC provides I/O based on eight channel modules. Line-level, microphone and AES3 (including SRC) interfaces can be combined up to a total of 64 inputs and outputs in a single 2RU rack space. In addition, PRODIDGY.MC hardware supports MADI and a network audio option – while its two MADI slots can be equipped with BNC, SC optical and SFP modules, an optional board adds Dante, RAVENNA (AES67) or SoundGrid connectivity to this very powerful device.

Jan Ehrlich adds: “The changes in technology and the nature of audio production bring big challenges to our clients. At the same time, equipment space is limited, requirements are evolving, budgets are small and versatile control is a must. Powered by globcon, PRODIDGY.MC takes all of these challenges into account. It is our answer to our clients’ and market needs, while securing client’s investment in our products for a long time to come. I believe that PRODIDGY.MC’s modular design will be greatly welcomed by smaller businesses, as well as by rental companies and broadcasters.”


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