New features for M.1K2 – LUA Scripting Engine and SFP.IO SMART I/O board

DirectOut has extended the capabilities of its successful M.1K2 scalable 16-port MADI routing system with the addition of two new functions – an LUA Scripting Engine and SFP.IO SMART I/O board.

With the new LUA Scripting Engine, live and predefined function calls (e.g. salvos) can be configured using scripts triggered via definable hot buttons. This allows the unit to respond quickly and intuitively to critical circumstances, such as a system failure, and to implement complex command sequences.

This development comes in response to customers’ requests to raise the M.1K2 operating concept to allow its use in complex routing environments. The scripts allow the M.1K2 to react immediately in emergency situations without the need to know the system and its configuration.

SFP.IO SMART is a new I/O board allowing MADI signal quality analysis and the interrogation of information using appropriate SFP modules. Dedicated signal level information, SFP media and their performance characteristics are provided through the M.1K2’s web interface. Any errors occurring are permanently logged.

SFP.IO SMART employs the technology found in DirectOut’s ANNA-LISA hand-held analyzer, and may be fitted with optical transceivers – both single and multi-mode individually – as with the established SFP.IO board.

In addition to proven safety mechanisms, such as Doppelganger mode or SNMP support, both the LUA Scripting Engine and SFP.IO SMART features push operational safety and monitoring capabilities of the M.1K2 router to a new level, making it a must-have in any modern routing system.


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