OEM Module 'RAV2'

Connectivity specialists DirectOut have become the latest RAVENNA solutions vendor with the release of their new RAV2 high performance network audio module for integration into third party products. The new module also forms the RAVENNA AoIP network core of DirectOut’s recently released PRODIGY Series of multifunction audio processors and converters for pro audio, broadcast, installation and studio applications. Enabling manufacturers to implement high performance and interoperability into their products in a compact Mini-PCI form factor, RAV2 offers easy integration of RAVENNA, AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 with support for all ST 2022-7 classes.

In terms of performance, RAV2 offers 128 x 128 audio channels in up to 32 network streams, and sample rates up to 192 kHz. Flexible as well as powerful, it is equally suited to operation in synchronized WAN (wide area network) environments with greater than 500 ms latency, or on local networks with ultra-low latency down to one sample per packet, which is less than 1 ms. Built-in PTP Grandmaster capability (multicast and hybrid mode) puts your product in control.

To complete the package, RAV2 incorporates a customizable and scalable HTML-based GUI with network traffic display, selection of PTP-profiles, jitter monitoring, stream monitoring & configuration along with password protection. The device offers MDNS and SAP stream announcement along with both automatic and full manual stream configuration as required.

In short, for any manufacturer looking to implement a comprehensive, powerful and flexible AoIP solution into their products for high performance AoIP networking, the new RAV2 module has everything you need.

For inquiries please contact oem@directout.eu.


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