Pilote Films and KDMC awarded

DirectOut has appointed Pilote Films of France and KDMC of Denmark respectively with the awards of Distributor of the Year 2017 and Outstanding Sales Performance of 2017. Both companies have achieved a great result during 2017 and are confirming the positive trend in their business.

Founded in 1982 and based in Puteaux, just outside of Paris, Pilote Films is a very well-known and established audiovisual distribution company in France. It is organized into two divisions, broadcast and residential, but it very well covers also the live and fixed installation markets. According to DirectOut’s managing director Jan Ehrlich, the decision upon which company is going to be awarded as Distributor of the Year is at no time an easy one: "Many DirectOut partners performed quite well in the past year, but Pilote Films has performed incredibly well and this award is also a recognition for the whole journey that DirectOut and Pilote Films have traveled together," he stated. "We have been cooperating with Pilote Films since 2014 and both the personal and business relationships with the whole company have been developing in a very positive and productive way".

Bettina Hulsmeyer, president and general director at Pilote Films is pleased to receive the recognition. "What an honor to be distinguished with the Distributor of the Year Award!" She exclaimed. "We try really hard to push DirectOut products. We at Pilote Films are very proud to be DirectOut distributor here in France and I'm sure that the years to come will also be successful".

Julien Galifret, commercial engineer at Pilote Films, also added to Bettina Hulsmeyer's words: "It's a great compliment for all of us here to be awarded and receiving the respect from the manufacturer for our daily work. Our success is founded on a very good and close relationship with DirectOut, great team work and our loyal dealers. But most of the success comes from the quality and reliability of the products".

KDMC of Denmark is a recently born distribution company located in Lystrup. Kim Johansen, owner of the company, has been working with DirectOut products for more than six years, as sales engineer for the Danish distribution company Danmon. In its first full year as official distribution partner for DirectOut, KDMC has done an amazing job and obtained a great success which granted to the company the 2017 Outstanding Sales Performance Award.

Kim Johansen has commented on the award: "It is always good to hear that the people you work with are happy! And I can only say the same about the relationship I have with DirectOut, including the people at the office, the support team as well as the products. I am also very happy that DirectOut has decided, without hesitation, to follow me in my new adventure as a distributor".

Jan Ehrlich, who has been knowing Kim for several years, has added: “We are extremely happy about our decision of selling our products into the Danish market through KDMC. The personal relationship with Kim has always been key for us while his experience and professional working attitude have made the rest. We're sure that this cooperation will continue to bear fruits also in the future!".


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