Summing with ANDIAMO

DirectOut has introduced a firmware update for its ANDIAMO series of audio converters, expanding their already rich and powerful feature set. 

Firmware version 6.4 adds the ability to sum input signals onto four available summing busses, which can be configured with the routing matrix of the ANDIAMO Remote control software. All inputs that are routed onto a bus are summed to the same signal level. To avoid clipping, each bus has an individual master level that can be reduced in 6dB steps. The bus output may be routed to any physical output on the unit.

The summing feature enables communication signals to be gathered from a larger number of devices (e.g. remote/mobile cameras), and to be distributed as a bundle throughout a production site. 

Demanding measurement tasks can also be performed by using the unit’s summing feature. Correlated input signals that are split across several analog inputs may be summed to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) without compromising signal resolution when the bus master level is reduced. Using a simple splitter, the same signal can be routed to eight analog inputs, for example. While the correlated part of the signal sums up by 18dB in this case, the uncorrelated noise of the inputs sums up by only 9dB, effectively increasing the already good SNR of the ANDIAMOs to an incredible -127dB (A).

The latest version of ANDIAMO Remote and the new firmware can be downloaded from the DirectOut website. The new firmware is available for ANDIAMO 2 and ANDIAMO 2.XT (SRC), including the legacy hardware ANDIAMO and ANDIAMO.XT (SRC) units.


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