TV Skyline continues to invest in the future ...

TV Skyline, a world-leading technology service provider for TV production, transmission, digitization and specialty cameras based in Mainz, Germany, continues to invest in the future with the inauguration of its latest flagship UHD OB van, OB8, complete with numerous DirectOut audio solutions.

Big brother to OB7 that was delivered in 2014 and also uses DirectOut products, OB8 raises the bar to a new level in terms of technology, design and space concept, leaving even more room for human creativity and technological development. With up 30 UHD cameras and capable of multi-format 4k production, the vehicle sports a ground-breaking design with a flexible interior that is able to accommodate up to 32 workstations. Pioneering IP technology combines video and audio hardware into a seamless system thanks to high quality components including a Lawo mc²56 digital audio console, a Dolby 5.1 monitoring system plus various high-end converters and a MADI matrix from DirectOut.

At the heart of the system is DirectOut’s M.1K2 1024 x 1024 MADI router which distributes the available signals. It also acts as a MADI format converter between optical single-mode and multi-mode streams and coaxial signals. Whilst the stage boxes are connected to the Lawo mc²56 via RAVENNA IP technology, an ANDIAMO.MC microphone preamplifier with MADI interface from DirectOut is connected to the console and controlled via Lawo’s proprietary Dallis protocol thus allowing for convenient and cost-effective integration of analog mic/line signals. An ANDIAMO.AES AES/MADI converter in the control room complements the DirectOut mic preamp, enabling the integration of additional AES signals into the MADI system.

More ANDIAMO converters are deployed in the van’s video section. Two ANDIAMO 2 AD/DA converters are daisy-chained in order to capture the two microphone signals of each camera unit and to send two feeds to the camera units containing, for example, the mix.
An ANDIAMO 2.XT AD/DA/AES converter establishes the MADI link to the support van for, amongst other things, the integration of eight external key panels from Riedel via AES.

In addition to the DirectOut components built in to OB8, TV Skyline also has access to a DirectOut SPLIT.CONVERTER MuSiCo with optical single-mode and multi-mode ports when required.

According to Andreas L. Hain, sound engineer, “DirectOut products offer excellent conversion properties along with flexibility and reliability at a superb price/performance ratio in a very small footprint – something not to be underestimated in an OB van. Our positive experience with the support we received from DirectOut in finding solutions and implementing them convinced us once again to rely on products from Mittweida for this project.”


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