The years 2022 and 2023 where a resounding success for DirectOut, made possible by a boost of innovations in the portfolio of audio solutions and the invaluable contributions of important sales partners and distributors. In the spirit of those collaborations, trust and equal cooperation DirectOut is pleased to announce the winners of our highly esteemed awards for the year 2022.

Prodigy of the year award

Multipoint Integrated Technology, LLC, distributor of DirectOut pro audio solutions in the USA, has successfully collected the "Prodigy of the Year" award.

The trophy recognises the achievements of the team around CEO and founder Tom Bensen and the outstanding sales and marketing of the PRODIGY platform in the US event and live industry.

"We were as much honored as we were surprised to receive the PRODIGY of the Year Award. I have been involved with this technology from its inception, so it is especially gratifying for me to see the market accept and adopt the PRODIGY platform industry-wide", comments Bensen. "DirectOut is taking its place as the undisputed leader in audio networking, format, media, and sample rate conversion. We are grateful to DirectOut for all their support and efforts in making sure we always have PRODIGY’s available."

Lorenzo Sassi, Business Development Manager at DirectOut: "We are delighted to recognise the achievements of our partner Multipoint with this award. Since the launch of our smart PRODIGY platform, the team has worked hard to stay close to our valued customers. With our support and deep understanding of the possibilities to modernise live workflows, together we have been able to bring the 'PRODIGY effect' to many customers in the United States. This award is also a testament to the success to create more sustainable and efficient live productions using state-of-the-art technology integrated into a tank of audio solutions - the PRODIGY.MP".

Distributor of the Year

Aspen Media Ltd (UK) headed by long-term friend Chris Collings has won the trophy for the Distributor of the Year for the 4th time.

This achievement is also a testament to the exceptional partnership that has developed between the German manufacturer and the UK distributor, and the close and proactive relationship the Aspen Media team is showing to their client base.

Commenting on the win, Chris Collins (Director Aspen Media) said: “We’re naturally delighted to receive our fourth Distributor of the Year award, but especially so this year, with it being our second award in two years. But, as always, this is a team effort. Working with DirectOut is highly collaborative. We both recognise that DirectOut devices are frequently mission critical and ensuring our customers have the right tool, appropriately configured for maximum resilience is key to making them smile and happy to return to repeat the DirectOut Experience.”

Jan Ehrlich, CEO of Direct Out: "This award is our way of paying tribute to Aspen Media for their exceptional and enduring partnership and the remarkable commitment they consistently demonstrate to their customers and to us.


Outstanding Sales Performance Award

Pilote Films

Pilote Films SAS, French-based distribution partner of DirectOut, has been honoured for their exceptional sales performance covering the entire portfolio with the ‘Outstanding Sales Performance Award’.

"When DirectOut entrusted us with the distribution of their products in 2013, we were more than happy with the situation because we fell in love with this brand! The products are innovative, of excellent quality and, what's more, beautiful! Products with great potential, for which we have received only positive feedback from our customers, who are equally impressed", comments Julien Galifret, sales engineer responsible for DirectOut at Pilote Films.

"So, today we are happy and proud of the confidence that our friends at DirectOut have placed in us and we thank them very much for this great award that they have given us. A reward that also celebrates our 'porcelain wedding anniversary', as we have been working together for exactly 10 years. See you at the porcelain wedding!" Julien concludes with humour.


These companies are celebrated for their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the industry. We congratulate our valued partners and look forward to continued success in the years ahead. Together, we aim to achieve new milestones and continue to raise the bar for excellence in our industry.