Pro Audio- und Connectivity-Spezialist DirectOut kündigt die dritte Generation der beliebten ANDIAMO Serie an. Neue AD/DA-Wandler, Netzwerksteuerung und eine Audio Netzwerk Option sind die Merkmale des neuen ANDIAMO.
DirectOut Technologies has implemented DO.Net daemon to its EXBOX.MD Dante/MADI interface to remotely access and control the entire ANDIAMO Series. The combination of an EXBOX.MD and any ANDIAMO also upgrades the popular converter series with a Dante IO. The new…
Playback engineer Romain Garnier and long-time FOH engineer James McCullagh have chosen DirectOut products to improve redundancy and provide D/A conversion for the Backstreet Boys’ entirely digital Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency and forthcoming 2018 world tour. The US…
DirectOut has introduced a firmware update for its ANDIAMO series of audio converters, expanding their already rich and powerful feature set.  Firmware version 6.4 adds the ability to sum input signals onto four available summing busses, which can be configured…

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