Mobilelinks are in possession of nine EXBOX.RAV which work in the network of a large Nordic broadcaster, plus a further four EXBOXes that work as a MADI bridge to clients’ RAVENNA/AES67 networks.
Pro-Audio-Spezialist DirectOut stellt zwei neue Produkte vor, die SoundGrid unterstützen: EXBOX.SG und SG.IO. Somit reiht sich die Audio-Netzwerk-Technologie von Waves neben Dante und RAVENNA in die Liste der von der EXBOX und PRODIGY Serien unterstützten Audio-Netzwerkformate ein.
Connectivity specialists DirectOut are celebrating a decade as a trusted RAVENNA partner with the launch of a limited edition of their EXBOX.RAV AoIP-to-MADI converter.
DirectOut Technologies has further expanded the capabilities of its recently released RAVENNA/MADI converter EXBOX.RAV adding NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 support. NMOS (Networked Media Open Specifications) is a suite of specifications for stream discovery and connection management developed and maintained by the AMWA filling a gap…
Auf dem ersten INSIDER Event stellte DirectOut drei neue Produkte vor. EXBOX.RAV ist eine kompakte und attraktive Lösung für die Migration von MADI zu IP. Als Core setzt DirectOut auf die eigene RAVENNA Implementierung (AES67, ST 2110-30 / -31).
Ungewöhnliche Zeiten erfordern außergewöhnliche Maßnahmen, insbesondere für die Konzert- und Livemusik-Industrie. Das Konzert von James Blunt in der Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, das als ein Höhepunkt der Telekom Street Gig-Reihe geplant war,...
DirectOut Technologies has implemented DO.Net daemon to its EXBOX.MD Dante/MADI interface to remotely access and control the entire ANDIAMO Series. The combination of an EXBOX.MD and any ANDIAMO also upgrades the popular converter series with a Dante IO. The new…
After a stunning successful premier at IBC2018 in Amsterdam, German audio network and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut Technologies will showcase the first member of its powerful and extremely flexible new flagship interface series at AES New York and NAB NY. PRODIDGY.MC…
German pro audio specialist, DirectOut Technologies, has announced a new hardware version of its popular EXBOX.BLDS automatic redundancy switch. As a result of requests from FOH engineers all over the world, the hardware – which has proved to be a life-safer…
DirectOut Technologies has significantly expanded the capabilities of its recently released EXBOX.MD Dante/MADI interface, with a major firmware and software update. The German networking and pro audio specialist company previewed the updated EXBOX.MD at the AES Milan 2018 Convention, demonstrating…

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