An abstract from the Studio Expresso interview with Ian Charbonneau

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks, John Mayer, Andrea Bocelli, Beyonce, Morrissey, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan are all among the many live recordings under Ian Charbonneau's black belt. You could say that Remote Recording is in Ian's DNA. For many years he worked alongside his father Guy Charbonneau and their famed remote recording studio, Le Mobile.


The system is very tidy, flexible and allows all kinds of expansions

Ian Charbonneau

My system consists of a DirectOut Technologies, MC Prodigy modular audio converter loaded with 64ch of high quality MicHD preamps meticulously packaged in a custom rack with all inputs on the back side. It allows for 48 or 96K recording. The system is very tidy, flexible and allows all kinds of expansions. As the unit is an audio converter, you can also latch any desired analogue preamps to it. The converter / preamp connects via Fiber cable to (2) Avid Madi Pro tools for redundancy. Et Voila! That is the basic system.

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