AES4.SRC.IO is a converter module for is a converter module for PRODIGY.MC, PRODIGY.MP.

4 AES3 ports connect eight audio channels of digital input and output signals via a DSUB-25 connector.

The AES3 inputs are equipped with a switchable sample rate converter to connect signals that are not in sync with the system clock of the device.

With the SRC switched off the AES3 input may serve as sync source for the device.

  • 4 ports AES3 - 8 channels
  • Input Sample Rate Conversion switchable
  • Sample Rate 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz
  • AES3 compliant
  • 1 x DSUB-25 connector (input/output)*, according to AES59

* suitable cabling to connect with BREAKOUT.AES is available from DirectOut GmbH