RadioMediaset chooses DirectOut to manage all audio signals

Those who work in audio recording and signal distribution for live and touring applications already know how flexible and handy DirectOut technical solutions are. A device like the PRODIGY.MP multifunction processor allows to cut the amount of gear necessary to manage all the signals of an event to a minimum. Interfacing, routing, and processing: all done in one device that can be personalized in terms of connections choosing between different I/O modules.

Thanks to this modular approach introduced with the PRODIGY Series, these products are suitable for multiple applications in different vertical markets and not just live. No wonder: who would give up with a solution which allows to drastically reduce the number of devices needed to transmit content while keeping the quality at the highest level? One of the broadcasters who has chosen DierctOut is RadioMediaset, the biggest Italian radio group which includes five radio stations: Radio 105, R101, Virgin Radio, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Subasio.

Audiosales, DirectOut’s Italian distributor, interviewed Davide Gaddia, responsible for the tech team at RadioMediaset, who explained how DirectOut processors are used in their infrastructure. PRODIGY.MP is placed in the CED (Center of Data Elaboration), the bridging room, where FM and DAB signals are generated and where the processor distributes the signals towards all the radio stations of the group, also managing the delays.

“Since we started using PRODIGY.MP with its versatility, we drastically reduced the number of devices in our CED rooms”

Davide Gaddia, RadioMediaset

Another PRODIGY.MP is managing the backup signals with MADI flows and redundant Dante ones. Thanks to the Input Manager function, both signals are always active. Both PRODIGY units are also equipped with a RAVENNA module to generate AES67 streams reaching the Production Centers in Segrate and Cologno. “Just by looking at the device you can already notice the quality level DirectOut put in building it. Once connected to it, it is possible to appreciate the simplicity of globcon, the graphical interface used to easily manage the enormous power of the PRODIGY”

Adopting PRODIGY for this application meant a great advantage also in terms of budget. Just two devices can handle all the functions that multiple devices where handling before, with great savings in terms of occupied space inside the CED and easiness in configuration and usage. Being built to handle the stress of live and touring, the PRODIGY Series is robust and with no compromises in terms of quality, and these characteristics are for sure very much appreciated by Radio and TV Broadcasters.



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