INSIDER showing EXBOX.RAV and more…

DirectOut announced three new exciting products during its first online event - the DirectOut INSIDER.

EXBOX.RAV is a compact and attractive solution to migrate baseband audio to IP. The core of the converter is running on DirectOut’s well-proven RAVENNA (AES67, ST 2110-30 / -31) implementation and supports NMOS for stream discovery (IS-04) and connection management (IS-05).

Four gigabit ports with an internal switch and PoE, and three MADI ports in BNC, SC and SFP format offer bidirectional conversion and routing of 64 audio channels.

The new device impresses with an attractive list of features to ensure seamless operation –FastSRC™ when dealing with different clock domains as well as EARS™ for automatic switch-over at audio signal level. Redundancy on network level is granted by compliance with ST 2022-7.

Jan Ehrlich, CEO of DirectOut, “Following the success of our MADI/Dante Converter EXBOX.MD and being able to shrink down the size of our RAVENNA hardware into the format of the new RAV2 board, we are happy to expand the EXBOX Series by another audio network format to serve the increasing demand of affordable network products.”

The company also adds two audio network modules for the PRODIGY Series with state-of-the-art sample rate converters.

DANTE.SRC.IO (Dante) and RAV.SRC.IO (RAVENNA) are equipped with FPGA-based SRCs and enable asynchronous operation between the modules and the PRODIGY mainframe, independently from the configured reference clock of the device. The new modules are the choice when connections between mixed and asynchronous Dante and RAVENNA / ST 2110 networks are an absolute must.

Single chapters of the INSIDER event, such as lectures and interviews are available at the company’s website.

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