The Bregenz Festival attracts more than 200.000 visitors every year. In the months of July and August culture lovers from all over the world can enjoy more than 80 performances.
With the current system update for the PRODIGY series, DirectOut introduces more new features. Living up to its name, PRODIGY.MP in particular sets new standards as a multifunctional audio processor with AutoMix, MirrorMode and the TruePeak Levelmeter.
The challenge – exchange multiple channels of uncompressed audio between two locations approximately 20 miles apart…and can it possibly be extended to any other location(s)……anywhere on the planet? These were the questions that Stephen Bailey had in mind when he…
31 days of tournament, 24 teams, 51 games played, 1 winner. These are some of the numbers of Euro 2020, but they are not the ones that matter when you are in charge of the audio playback distribution for the…
With the latest update for its PRODIGY Series just being released, DirectOut does not stop spoiling its customers with new features. From the beginning the series was designed to add support of third party control protocols, easing integration into projects…
DirectOut has greatly expanded the capabilities of its PRODIGY Series with the release of new firmware for both PRODIGY.MC (Modular Audio Converter) and PRODIGY.MP (Multifunction Audio Processor). “We are immensely proud to share this major update of the PRODIGY Series,” comments DirectOut CEO/CTO, Claudio…
Founded in 1982, the Swiss private broadcaster, Teleclub, is considered one of the oldest pay-TV stations in Europe. Following the dawn of the digital era, a state-of-the-art broadcast and production center was built in Volketswil in 2002, featuring a playout…
DirectOuts compact and multifunctional audio processor PRODIGY.MP offers maximum flexibility and is designed to address numerous applications in live sound, broadcast, installation and recording. The German manufacturer cleverly combines the modular design of the PRODIGY series with powerful FPGA-based signal…
DirectOut, the German high-technology manufacturer of world class audio signal distribution, matrixing, and format conversion will feature its PRODIGY Series with the PRODIGY.MP as its focal point on display in active demonstration at this year’s Winter NAMM. The PRODIGY.MP is…
DirectOut will present its powerful multifunction audio processor PRODIGY.MP at AES NY. Luca Giaroli, Business Developer at DirectOut is just amazed by all the possibilities: "Our PRODIGY.MP offers an extremely powerful DSP engine, based on FPGA processing. The users can…

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